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Fall Musings

By Kelly Wright

Autumn is an artist who uses an oak leaf on which to paint a masterpiece. William Allen Ward

I love fall leaves. Outside my childhood bedroom window was the most spectacular maple tree. During the fall, it would turn a bright reddish orange and as the sun rose each morning, the leaves served as a filter that filled my room with radiant color.

Fall Musings

I love pumpkin pie. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was nauseated from August to mid-November. I was hungry, but nothing sounded good. One day I was hungry for a sub sandwich and by the time my husband got home with my sub, it sounded disgusting. Then on a Saturday Sam’s run, there by the checkout was a Sam’s size pumpkin pie. I immediately had to have that pie – not just to take home, but to eat while I checked out. Honestly, if I would have had a fork, I would have torn into that beauty. But, alas, I waited until I got home to eat a piece, and another, and within three days that pie had reawakened my taste buds and had cured my nausea. I’ve loved pumpkin pie with a newfound passion ever since.

I love fall weather. Today was a perfect fall day. Cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon, a season for sweatshirts and sweaters, blankets and firepits.

I love MU football. MIZ! We have been season ticket holders for MU Football since 1999. Our daughter and son have attended MU football games before their first birthdays, and we love living in a college town where we can cheer on our Tigers. I’m here for tailgating with friends before the game, getting into Faurot early enough to see the preshow and hear the National Anthem and if there’s a fly-over I’m ecstatic! As MU football fans, there are years that are fun and years that are not. This year has been SO fun and I’m hopeful for the rest of the season (and maybe a really fun bowl game!).

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I was born the day before Thanksgiving, so my birthday and Thanksgiving has usually gone hand-in-hand. My birthday is usually the week of Thanksgiving and I love that, now. As a kid, it was difficult having a birthday so close to Thanksgiving. I never attended school on my birthday, which would have been great, but in first and second grade, the cool thing was to bring snacks to share with the class for your birthday. Birthday parties were difficult, too, because many friends were gone for the holiday. But nowadays I absolutely love having my birthday around Thanksgiving. It’s usually a low-key week, I get to spend extended time with family and friends, and my birthday cake is pumpkin pie.

Other things I love about the fall include Halloween, my parent’s and my sister and brother-in-law’s anniversary, my son’s birthday, walking in the Turkey Trax 5K on Thanksgiving, pumpkins and mums, Homecoming festivities, and the NFL.

There’s only one thing I do not love about the fall – the time change. Although getting an extra hour of sleep is nice, I don’t like it getting dark so early. As I leave the office each day around 5, it gets darker earlier, but hold on because December 21 is coming and little by little the sun hangs around longer.

What do you love about fall? Whether it’s your favorite season or not, I encourage you to notice the simple beauty that fall brings.



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