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New Comedy-Drama Based on Job Set for Release

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

By: Matt Gordon

From the theatrical company that roared onstage with the story of Noah, fed your famished soul through the biblical epic of Joseph, and gave you a whale of a time in Jonah, comes our latest, Broadway-quality, eye-popping, soul-satisfying production. Join us all season for our new comedy/drama Job: Get Busy Livin’ or Get Busy Cryin’. This star-studded performance features a guy who sort of looks like a ragged Jon Hamm in the role of Job, a man down on his luck and covered in boils and shame. Hilarity ensues when this righteous hero gets a slew of unrighteous news about the death of his family and loss of his fortune! Audiences will roll as Job and his wife squabble in scenes straight out of Everybody Loves Raymond—only if Raymond was beset with horrendous personal losses, depression, and chronic, unrelenting scabs all over his body! What a treat! The musical numbers with Job’s friends, set to Hamilton-worthy hip hop stylings, will make audiences Jump-Jump for joy and for Job.

The voice of God is delivered by one of the finest James Earl Jones impersonators on the Branson strip.

Plus, order your tickets today and receive a commemorative COVID-19 inspired Job face mask that depicts the flames of Heaven engulfing Job’s home.

Private screenings of the musical are already producing rave reviews!

“The Job guy was just moaning around on stage for like thirty minutes at one point,” said Mallory from Arkansas.

“It was really weird and kind of sad. My mom got me into the screening for my birthday so I didn’t feel like I could leave,” chimed in Mario from Kentucky.

“Why were there gremlins?” asked James from Springfield.

That’s right! We added gremlins as symbolic of Job’s inner thought-life and as a little treat for the kiddos! Like that movie Inside Out or whatever it was called! Only with gremlins instead! You’re gonna love them and stuffed versions of them will be sold in our gift shop, alongside hacky sack “Boils of Job,” Zophar echo mics, Bildad inaction figures, and more!

Don’t miss this sure-fire masterpiece! Order your tickets for Job: Get Busy Livin’ or Get Busy Cryin’ before the world ends.


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