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The Day After: Kingdom

By Matt Gordon

The Bible is a complex book. It has more than 40 authors and it shows, as there are a variety of perspectives, timeframes, and literary genres represented. It is long, too—this ancient collection of books.

But for all its complexity, there is actually a fairly straightforward pattern at play. The meta-narrative of the Bible is comprised of thousands of micro-narratives that follow this arc: Creation-Fall-Redemption. When you add up all the long and strange and diverse of the Bible, this is what you have—a God who created everything, including his prized possession: people. Then a fall that corrupts everything, especially his prized possession: people. And then a remarkable rescue mission to restore his prized possession and restore them (and everything else) to fullness.


The bridge of the story—of existence—is Jesus. It is through him that we pass from fall to redemption. It is his incarnation (creation) into a broken world, his tragic death (fall), and his victory over death (redemption) that makes a way for anyone to also be redeemed.

To believe that Jesus came into the world to die for your sin is to be born anew into his Kingdom forever. To walk with him and to rule with him. To be accepted by him, adopted to God through him, and to share in his inheritance forever.

Christmas is the origin of this magnificent rescue plan going into full swing.

Yes, the Bible is complex.

But entering into redemption is not. Trust Jesus. Believe in his birth, his life, his death, and his resurrection, and Christmas goes from a fun, fleeting annual tradition to a blessed new life abundant.

If you’ve never opened the gift of Jesus and his story for your life, please reach out anytime at, and someone will contact you with the invitation to begin walking into this story.

If Jesus is myth then Christmas comes but once a year. But if that myth was born unto us, got up, and became fact, then Christmas is an unshakeable eternal reality without end.

Jesus has begun his Kingdom, will you join him?

Merry Christmas . . . today and every day.


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