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Hold On

By Walt Walton

It usually takes 2 eggs to make an omelet, she would always use 3 for me

Whiling throwing in extra cheese & bacon bits, straight out the oven

Too legit - While the grease is still popping, she would stop & smile at me, grab her coffee then take a sip

Sweet settle memories, heaven sent, Grieving prerequisite deficit

Life is a vapor & in the mist of it, I pray you learn what the message is

Strong holds wrestle with poor souls, unaware of what their future holds

For everyone who does wicked things, hates the light and does not come to the light

As his works should be exposed

That’s why you must be, quick to listen slow to speak

Always prepared to turn the other cheek, the spirits willing the flesh is weak

Our savior gave his life to give us life, eternally

He who knew no sin became sin & was deceased

After 3 days rose from the dead, Death was only brief

You were brought with a price and Jesus paid the fee

The way, the truth, the life, & there’s no other way to the father expect through me

In other words, be aware of larceny

Theres a whole lot of wolves that are dressed like sheep

Essentially, they persuade you to live carnally

Truly truly certainly

Be born again, who the son sets free is free indeed

Jesus came to proclaim, good news to the poor

& Liberty to the captives to set them free

& Recovery of sight to the blind, so they can see

Jesus also prayed for me & you in John 17,

I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made in one perfectly

That way the world may know that You have sent Me,

& have loved them as You have loved Me.


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